Boutique Manufacture

Product and manufacture safety included.
From the raw material selection to the finished products, each step is rigorously mastered. For all ingredients are respected the fundamental biologic laws is one of the guarantees. High-trained Yuan’s people follow their logical training and standard procedure (GMP) continually raises the company level in every section.

Company and efficacy stability included.
With our financial independently, Yuan devotes to Research more than 30% of its annual sales and one-third of its staff. It has in its disposal high-tech laboratories in which researchers develop great innovations. The skills of our people and sophisticated industrial tools work towards the manufacture of high-effect value skincare products. And, of course, the formulations are always simple and efficacious.

We believe that good fortune brings with it a responsibility to give back to society. Yuan uses more than 20% of our annual sales in benefits, scholarship, winter emergency relief, etc. And we make our production line semi-automatic for helping vulnerable people getting jobs in legitimate ways. Furthermore, we focus on continued toward our corporate philosophy and to our planet by using environmentally friendly materials, reducing plastic package being used and our zero-waste processing, etc.