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First, the pathophysiology
   ↳ Sebaceous gland hyperactivity
      Change in Follicular Keratinization
      The influence of Bacteria
      Cutibacterium acnes (formerly Propionibacterium acnes)

                            ↳ which combine with TLR-2 in stimulating IL-6,
                               IL-12 causing inflammation.          

As treatment
  Normalizing Keratinization and Exfoliation
         Elimination or reducing Cutibacterium acnes
         Removing the molecule that clogs the pore
         Attacking the inflammatory response
         Decreasing the level of sebum secretion  
Biochemical Treatment – through anti-inflammation
 ↳ All-trans retinoic acid
    ↳lower Monocytes TLR-2 + CD-14
        inhibit the irritating of Cutibacterium acnes
            Produce pro-inflammatory hormone
※    Due to Acne has [MMP1, 3, 9]↑, causing scars.
       ↳ Retinoids will inhibit MMPs → to prevent scars.
After treatment
 ↳ We strongly recommend to clean your face properly and regulate the total microbiome
     on your face. 
     The Acne treatments always follow the rules – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure”.
     Keep your face clean and maintain the microbiomes will be the best ways in helping your skin
     healthier. And of course, the best treatment is to go seeing a doctor.