Yuan An BioResearch & Technology Co.,Ltd


Yes, you read it right. Research and Production.

We firmly believed the innovation has to related to manufacturing. Yuan’s Lab draws on inspiration from the latest scientific advances and works in partnership with public research: ITRI, FJU, NPUST, etc. As for ingredient, we identify their mechanisms of action according to rigorous research designs prescribed by advanced research to make sure it is effective and safe in compliance with international cosmetic regulations.

After the ingredients, the researchers formulate them in well-qualified technique and test if the formulation is stable. Then to the manufacturing process. The production lines based on leading-edge technology, manufacturing processes compliant with the cosmetics industry’s current GMP. We also purchase the manufacturing machine in the same brand as Yuan’s Lab to make sure the sample and the finish products are of the same quality and maintaining the consistency.

Since the R&P is finished, here comes to Quality.

Yuan’s founding value covers 2 area:

Quality Control:

A team of Yuan’s Lab technicians, experts in Biochemistry and Microbiology, verify all materials entering the company and products at every stage from sample to finished products.

Quality Assurance:

Yuan stands the requirements of standard the ISO 22716 concerning Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of skin care products. For microorganism exam, we meet ISO standard, such as 21149, 22717, 22718, 18416, 21150, etc in order to make sure the products all qualify for you.